Services Offered

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(Los Lunas, NM)

Full-Day ABA Programs

(30-40 hours/week)

Half-Day ABA Programs

(20-30 hours/week)

Focused ABA Interventions

(8-15 hours/week)

Center-based services allow for social opportunities as well as frequent treatment and supervision from the clinicians responsible for tracking progress. Further, it creates more opportunities for generalization since the child is outside of his or her typical environment. Receiving treatment in center, allows us to work on classroom skills and help prepare your child for a seamless transition into school.



(Albuquerque & Rio Rancho)

Half-Day ABA Programs

(20-30 hours/week)

Focused ABA Interventions

(8-15 hours/week)



Home-based services allow for behavior technicians and analysts to accommodate children and families in the home to ensure access to effective therapy. Many applied behavior analysts find that providing in-home therapy to children with autism facilitates learning and decreases undesirable behaviors because the ABA services are delivered in an atmosphere the child finds safe, familiar, and non-threatening. 



(Multiple Locations)

Individualized to the

type of outing and

need of each child




Community outings are utilized on a case-by-case basis to focus on the individual needs of the child. The point of doing a community outing during therapy time is to take current or mastered skills into real-life settings to strengthen the skill & promote generalization. 

Outings are also extremely beneficial in helping to facilitate appropriate behavior in a range of settings. We want our clients to be as independent and successful as possible within their community.